Monday, August 23, 2010

Part of History

Last Thursday our Cellar master and I went to see some really old vines (in South African terms) at the West Coast. We are looking to help these vineyards produce at the top of their ability once more, and help preserve this wonderful vineyards. The cultivars are Palomino (55+ years old), Barbarossa (80 years old) and some Muscat d'Alexandrie (90 years and 40 years old).

I would just like to post a few photos of these. I think having these old vines are amazing. You don't see vines of this age every day. The oldest vines we currently have is Chenin blanc (42 years), Cincaut (56 years), Pinotage (36 years) and Grenache noir (35 years).


Muscat d'Alexandrie


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  1. Jaco

    Is there any intention to make wine from these old vines? I'd never heard of Barbarossa before and looking it up it appears to be a very very obscure Italian variety.